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Things You Need To Know When Coming To The Fair

Hours Of Operation
1. Parking is free of charge at either the Glenwood parking lot or Multiplex or adjacent parking lots. Please be courteous and follow the instructions of our parking staff.
2. There are no dogs allowed on the fairgrounds. Please do not leave your animal in your vehicle, we will call the authorities.
3. Please be patient at our admission gates, our staff are volunteers with their organizations.
4. We accept, cash, credit, or debit at our admission tills. If you have pre purchased admission passes there will be a dedicated pass lane at the main gates. If you have a pass you may also use this lane 5. There will be a dedicated exit gate at the main entrance. If you wish to return the same day, have the attendant stamp your hand as you leave the grounds.
6. There is absolutely no drugs and alcohol on site. This event is geared to families. There will be security bag checks conducted at our admission gates. If you are carrying a bag expect to be pulled over and the bag will be searched.
7. First Aid is available 24/7 during the fair, it is located on the main thoroughfare heading towards the midway.
8. We have security roaming the grounds, if you need assistance and cannot locate a security person go to the fair office and they will call for assistance.
9. If you are bringing children to the fair, it is a good precaution to take their pictures on your devices, it might help locate them if for some reason you misplace them.
10. Lost parents or children. Please go directly to the office. Stay calm and explain to the office staff who is missing, details of gender, age, and what the person was wearing. Our staff will assist in finding the person. Write your cell number on your childs wrist, it will help us to re connect you
11. Lost and found should be dropped off or claimed at the Information Booth near the main entrance or the fair office.
12. If you are an exhibitor or vendor camping on the fairgrounds, there will be absolutely no fires permitted. Propane stoves, fire pits and BBQ’s must be off the ground. Have a fire extinguisher at your camp.
13. Take care of yourselves, your safety is our priority. Any alcohol consumed must be in our beverage garden (s) only. Wear proper footwear and stay hydrated.
14. Please use the proper re cycle containers for pop cans and plastic water bottles, and put all your garbage in the many provided containers. Help our Environmental Team keep the fairgrounds clean.
15. West Coast Amusements provides midway rides for the fair. They have contracted to the fair for the 4 days we are open. They have their own set of rules they follow, and set their own pricing. Please visit their website for further details




Midway Rides
Gate Price
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